Ziska Pharma's Solid Division is a crucial part of the company's pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities, specializing in solid dosage forms. The division is equipped with cutting-edge machinery sourced from reputable pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers in Europe, South Korea, and China. These advanced technologies enhance production efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Ziska Pharma places great emphasis on compliance with stringent regulatory requirements and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines recommended by WHO. This ensures the production of safe, effective, and reliable medications.
A highly skilled team of professionals, including pharmacists, chemists, engineers, and quality assurance personnel, forms the backbone of the Solid Division. Their expertise and dedication ensure exceptional manufacturing processes and product quality.
With the establishment of the dedicated Cephalosporin Unit, Ziska Pharma contributes significantly to public health by providing high-quality cephalosporin antibiotics that are effective against various bacterial infections.